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Exactly what the title says. Stuff I am working on or doing.

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Blended this with a drum carder and just wanted to show the process from start to finish.  

I’m finally fully threaded onto my loom.  Took me forever, so I am super excited about this obviously.  Every color change is a different pattern so the end result will be a twill sampler. I’m also doing double weave so the blankets will be double this width.  Fa-cha!! 

This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!!

Kung Fu Dunk is such a great movie.  It is probably one of my favorites just because it is so ridiculous, granted it is supposed to be but the point is that they succeeded! Basically a boy gets abandoned outside of a martial arts school and raised there.  When he grows up he decides to start playing basketball to help find his parents, despite not knowing how to play.  But it’s fine because he is great at kung fu so obviously those skills are directly transferable to basketball. 

Basically this movie is fantastic, enough said!

My first time spinning silk!!! So much fun!  And it was multicolored too!  It just spun so easily and you could get so thin without worrying about breakage because the staple is so freaking long.  Excitamenta! I can’t wait to spin up some more! 

Who doesn’t do this?! I just want to share my human condition and help you empathize with me!!!  

p.s. Who is the original artist for this?  I looked it up but couldn’t find it and I hate posting things without linking to the maker.  

Fact!!! You can’t read the comic books and tell me this is anything but truth!! 

Speaking of which, my Grampsie asked me if I was going as Marvel Girl for Halloween last month.  It was adorable. We definitely had a bonding moment. 

One of my favorite movies.  It is kind of like Fido but with a zombie instead of a dog.  Basically, when the atom bomb was dropped it left massive radiation that causes everyone to turn into a zombie when they die.  So obviously, people never moved past the 40s culture and collars were made to make zombies a safe and cheap labor force.  

… Yeah, basically it is fantastic and everyone should watch it.  

Started watching The Riches this past weekend.  Love it!  Don’t know how I missed it when it was on tv, I mean it had two whole seasons before it was cancelled.  I’m currently writing  a paper about the Rromani so it feel right to watch a show about Travelers.  

Loved this when I saw it!  The artist is Patrick Ballesteros (From the Cave).  His other art is all just as great!